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If you want your site to appear in the most significant searches, you need links.

Sorting search results based on link popularity was Google’s original USP, and links remain crucial today. Seeker delivers links that provide Google with vital relevancy and authority signals, resulting in increased traffic. Get in touch today to learn more.

Link quantity certainly matters, but it isn’t the only thing worth considering. Quality is just as meaningful, with links from sites considered trustworthy passing on much greater value, allowing your site to rank for more hotly-contested search queries. If you’re to succeed and stay on the good side of Google’s algorithms, you need a strong mix of links.

You also need to consider the impact of link-building on your brand. How you build external and internal links makes a big difference. As you link to content that engages, educates and entertains your audience, you generate myriad marketing benefits: people always prefer brands that offer them value on a consistent basis.

Seeker’s expert link-builders can give you ownership of your backlink profile, allowing you to decide how you want to appear and take advantage of competitor shortcomings. Don’t leave your backlinks up to chance. Build the online connections you deserve.

Power up your site with a supercharged link building strategy

Using world-class tactics, Seeker’s link-building is remarkably effective:

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Rapidly rank for bottom-of-the-funnel keywords
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Bring qualified traffic directly to your website
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Improve your key E-A-T signals (Expertise, Authority, and Trust)
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Properly showcase your expertise, services and/or products
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Tap in to the valuable audiences of niche influencers

We use a broad range of actions to beat the competition:

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Off-site SEO strategies
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Backlink profile audits
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Editorial outreach
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Internal link audits
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Penalty recoveries
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Link attraction assets
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Domain acquisitions
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In-house link building training

Our process is all about sustainable on-brand development:|


The first thing we need to determine is the SERP landscape for your keywords. More specifically, we’ll look at those that drive the most revenue (or have the most potential to drive revenue). Learning what you’ve tried before and how your business is going will position us for early success.

Authority gap analysis

Every brand establishes its online authority slightly differently. One may yield results through thousands of low-level links, while another may get ahead through a handful of mentions on leading domains. To catch those ahead of you, we need to determine what separates you, then plan to close the gap.

Campaign forecasting

The world of SEO can be frustratingly vague, making it hard to gauge results. We’ll use our careful gap analysis not only to highlight what links we need to build but also how long it should take to see results. This means you can proceed with confidence that progress is being made.

Site research

The process of securing a link of a site varies wildly, meaning there’s no set process we can follow. To know how best to use our time, we need to look into how key sites operate. Once we’ve done this, we’ll be able to rank target sites by accessibility and potential impact, allowing us to optimise our plan.

Link building

The work begins in earnest here. Combining proactive and reactive methods, we’ll begin securing tailored links with stringent risk-management (our experience — and Link Research Tools certification — ensure it). At the same time, we’ll start the long process of winning high-authority links, setting up later successes.

Tactical tweaking

Business demands change swiftly, and a landing page that’s high-priority one month can be an afterthought soon after. Being fully aware of this, we’ll stay ready to pivot as needed, prioritising links for the pages that matter the most so you can extract excellent ROI.

Work with us|

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However much SEO changes, the role of links remains constant. If you want to build an online brand that can stand the test of time, you need a competitive backlink profile.
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