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In the complex and chaotic online landscape, taking charge of your company’s reputation is a mission-critical concern.

Seeker Digital PR mixes inbound and outbound action to establish brands as industry powerhouses. Show expertise, drive engagement, and gather real momentum. Get in touch today to learn more.

Digital PR is the natural evolution of digital marketing. The internet provides countless routes towards positive buzz, and securing links and references from leading websites can transform your fortunes in a natural and enduring way. It’s also vital for safeguarding your business against the persistent threat of online negativity.

More than anything else, succeeding with Digital PR is about determining where to apply effort. Sent at the perfect time to keenly-relevant sites, one well-positioned piece of expert analysis can land several strong links and have a clear impact on your revenue stream.

Seeker’s Digital PR team has the expertise and insight to scour the web for golden opportunities, picking out areas in which you can leap ahead of your competition. Across the board, we’ll give your brand the online representation it deserves.

Outreach that you can tell your mum about.

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Deploying varied complementary tactics, our digital PR service secures key coverage:

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Forge connections with leading publications
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Publicise important product/service updates
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Distribute high-level content with long-term value
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Establish significant influence within your niche

Evolution, not revolution|

We produce targeted outreach to build brand profiles:

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Press releases
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HARO responses
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Expert-led articles
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Digital assets

Our process concentrates on your brand’s unique strengths:|

Brand review

What makes your company special? How do you outperform the chasing pack? Before we can represent your business online, we need to understand it in great detail. During this stage, we’ll work with you to hone your brand identity, establishing a foundation for future Digital PR work.

Media research

Succeeding in Digital PR requires navigating around the tactics used by other brands. We’ll research the presence of relevant content throughout modern media, identifying opportunities for you to stand out through timely input, trendjacking, and thought leadership.

Insight collection

Within your team lies a vast pool of untapped expertise. Consulting your staff members at length, we’ll gather insight that we can use to produce quote banks and tentpole guides capable of yielding easy wins.

Campaign ideation

Using everything we’ve learned about your brand and your industry, we’ll conduct extensive ideation and shortlist the most promising concepts. After fleshing out those concepts, we’ll present them to you for feedback and approval, resulting in clear direction for the project.

Tailored pitching

It’s crucial to approach sites and publications with care, offering pitches that are tempting and easy to approve. Bringing your brand’s USPs to bear, we’ll create and submit exceptional pitches that demand attention — then deliver on those pitches with outstanding content.

Proactive monitoring

Clear attribution is a core investment in Digital PR, as you can’t properly rate a campaign if you don’t know where traffic rises or dips are coming from. We’ll diligently look out for developments, flag new links and mentions when they arrive, and cut through the noise to give you easy-to-understand results.

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Digital PR is your ticket to shaping how your brand is perceived online. You can guide your destiny, influencing where you’re mentioned and solidifying your industry role.
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